Catching Up

Current Location: Lone Star Jellystone Park, Waller, Texas

Not a whole lot to report. As you might gather from our previous post, we added a pantry to the trailer. Saturday was spent shopping for that as well as a few other items we needed for installation. Saturday afternoon was dedicated to that task and other little items around the trailer.

On Sunday, we attended morning church services at Christ Church PCA in Katy, our usual church home in Houston. We’ve been there a few times now. After church, we ate dinner at a good Mexican restaurant around the corner and picked up some plastic shelf organizers from a nearby Bed, Bath and Beyond.

We spent Sunday afternoon organizing shelves in the pantry and the rest of the kitchen, then relaxed with the Super Bowl on TV. Other than that, it has been work as usual for Malcolm and various craft projects and running the house for Val. We’ll be here another week and a half.


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