Has It Been a Week Already?

Current Location: Lone Star Jellystone Park, Waller, Texas

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. We’re still here in the Houston area and Malcolm is working for another week. We will stay through the coming weekend and hit the road westbound on Monday.

Other than Malcolm working in Houston and Val working around the trailer, the weekend was more interesting activity-wise. On Saturday we ran a lot of errands including a haircut for Malcolm and picking up Malcolm’s camera bodies from a shop that he dropped them off with to clean the sensors and internals. We also picked up a couple more shelves for our new pantry and finished loading it up.

On Sunday, we went to church at Christ Church PCA again. Afterwards, we at lunch and stopped by Boot Barn and Costco to do a little shopping. We spent the afternoon at the trailer. Malcolm did some outside maintenance and we did a little spring cleaning in the basement. The weather has been warm and nice the past few days starting with Saturday.

Malcolm will be working through Friday here. Since our site is paid for a month, we’ll take our time leaving, heading out next Monday.


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