On the Road West

Current Location: Junction North Llano River RV Park, Junction, Texas

We got going a little late this morning. The weather was overcast but warm (60’s). Just as we were getting ready for the day, it started raining (we were expecting rain). As Malcolm was outside unhooking everything, the wind started blowing pretty good. We got hooked up and pulled out of Waller around 9:00 AM. By the time we started rolling, the temperature had dropped into the upper 50’s.

The wind blew us around the whole trip today. It wasn’t terrible, but we drove slower than normal to compensate (55-60 instead of our usual 65). Fuel mileage suffered as well. We averaged right around 8 mpg today where we can usually get pretty close to 10 without the weather.

Our site

Our site

When we arrived here in Junction, the plan was to stay at the South Llano River State Park. We drove there and when we went to check in they informed us that the campground was temporarily closed due to a hunt that was going on. They were nice and gave us a map listing three campgrounds here in town. We picked this one based on ratings. It’s a pretty nice former KOA right in town next to the river.

Llano River

Llano River

Once we got set up, we headed over to fill up the truck with diesel and DEF (exhaust fluid). We stopped by a nearby hardware store to get some magnetic catches for our new pantry since the doors were getting pushed open by the contents. Hopefully, those will help hold it closed a little better. After the hardware store, we had dinner at Lum’s BBQ. The campground recommended them. It was really good food.



Tomorrow we head on west, probably as far as Van Horn, Texas (it takes a while to get through Texas).

Today’s license plate count – 19 of 51.

License Plates

License Plates


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