One More Texas Stop

Current Location: Van Horn KOA, Van Horn, Texas

When we left this morning, there were still some traces of snow and sleet on the bed cover of the truck. If that’s all the winter we see this trip, we’ll be happy.

Our snowfall

Our snowfall

One thing is for sure – it takes a while to travel across Texas. Still had a bit of a headwind today and mileage suffered accordingly, but things cleared up this afternoon. We pulled into Van Horn right around 3:00 PM to sunny skies and 50 degree temperatures. We verified the weather with the handy weather station provided by the campground here.

Yup, it's sunny

Yup, it’s sunny

The views here are pretty nice. There are mountain ranges all around us.

Off in the distance

Off in the distance

We sat down at dinner and did some more trip planning. We’ll head over to Benson, Arizona tomorrow. That is a fair drive – about 415 miles. We plan to get an earlier start and pull it all the way through. We already have reservations, so that will speed the check-in process.

Today’s license plates were sparse. I-10 through Texas is a lonely road. 15 of 51 states found.

License plates

License plates


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