Still Here

Current Location: Canyon Lake Marina and Campground, Tortilla Flats, Arizona

Just thought we would catch up a bit. Since landing in Canyon Lake, we found that we have almost no internet (very limited data that we inadvertently already used and a subject of an upcoming blog post). Therefore, we’ve been a bit silent. Right now, we are sitting at a Starbucks down in town and catching up on our online presence.

On Saturday, we had breakfast at the restaurant at the campground. Afterwards, we headed across town to meet up with quite a few members of the Arizona Chapter of the Heartland Owners Club for lunch and to eavesdrop on their meeting. We had a great time and promised to look them up the next time we are in the area. Dinner was grilled outside of the trailer.

On Sunday, we did a bit of touristy stuff. First, right up the road to Tortilla Flat (population 6) for an early lunch and some gift shopping. We headed on towards town after that and stopped to see what the Goldfield Ghost Town was all about. It was pretty much a very busy tourist area. We walked through a couple shops then headed out since Malcolm wasn’t feeling the best (he has been fighting either a cold or allergies).

We left there and went shopping at a nice outdoor shopping center to waste some time. From there, we headed on up to Organ Stop Pizza to hear the mighty Wurlitzer organ and enjoy some pretty good pizza. Afterwards it was back to the trailer to relax.

Malcolm had allergy attacks early this morning and was up and down a couple times. We had a lazy, late morning. Malcolm had a two hour call for work that he took at the trailer (plenty of voice signal, just no data available). Before that call, he called the Ford dealer and found that they had brought the truck in to do the initial diagnosis on the brakes but hadn’t discovered anything just yet. They promised to call back with updates.

We stopped by the campground office to pay for another day (we had originally planned on moving on today) and discovered that we had essentially paid the weekly rate already, so they converted us to a week’s stay so we won’t have to keep coming into the office and adding a day in case the truck takes longer to fix.

After that, we headed into town to do a little shopping and relax at Starbucks, where we are now. We’ll head back to the trailer in a little bit.

We have lots of pictures from the past several days but Malcolm is typing the blog post on the iPad instead of his laptop. You can supposedly add pictures, but it is a bit more clunky on the iPad app. We’ll post some up later on.


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