On to California

Current Location: Shadow Hills RV Resort, Indio, California

We took our time getting ready this morning since checkout was at 11:00 AM MST from Quartzsite and check-in time was 1:00 PM PST here in Indio. Since the trip was only a couple hours long and we gained another hour in the process moving into a new timezone, we knew we had to waste some time somewhere on the trip. That was verified as we were about 10 miles from our destination and Shadow Hills called to see when we were coming in since the person on the site we reserved hadn’t left yet.

The lonely road (I-10) between Blythe and Indio, CA

The lonely road (I-10) between Blythe and Indio, CA

We ended up stopping at a truck stop and fixed ourselves lunch. After lunch, we drove over to the truck wash and had the truck and trailer washed, then back to our site to wait for 1:00 or for a call from Shadow Hills to let us know the site was ready. We ended up calling them at 1:00 and they said to come on in.

We decided to have the truck and trailer weighed on the CAT scales at the truck stop before we left since we haven’t had the rig weighed for a while. The scales said we weighed at least 2500 pounds more than we expected. Though the scales are supposedly accurate, we wonder. There is no way we’ve added 2500 pounds (or more) of stuff to the trailer since we last weighed. We’ll wait until the national rally this summer and have it weighed there to find out the true numbers.

Our home for the night

Our home for the night

We pulled on in around 2:00 and got set up in our site. One of the reasons we are stopping in this area is to visit our son-in-law’s grandparents in Palm Springs. We called them up and they invited us to come over tomorrow at 5:00 PM. After talking with them, we headed out to the store to stock up on a few things we were out of. We also ended up eating dinner out at Red Robin since our stomachs are still on Central Time.

Tomorrow, we’ll decide what to do during the day based on the weather. The wind picked up pretty strong this afternoon and evening and the weather says it will probably be that way all day tomorrow into tomorrow evening.

License plates – 25 of 51 found today.

License Plates

License Plates


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