Settled in San Diego

Current Location: Mission Bay RV Resort, San Diego, California

We woke up to rain this morning. It rained on us the whole time we hooked up in Indio and rained pretty much the whole way to San Diego. It was raining when we unhooked the trailer here. Right now, it’s not raining, but it is supposed to start back up tonight. Given that California has been in a drought condition for quite some time, I’m sure the rains are welcome. We’re not complaining since it isn’t snow, sleet or ice.

We arrived here just after lunchtime today with a non-stop drive from Indio. We tried to stop as we got into San Diego, but couldn’t find a suitable parking lot to pull into to take a break and enter information into the GPS. Fortunately, in our search for a stop, we hit enough red lights to get the GPS set up and instructing us on where to go. We were only 6 miles from the campground at that point.

We hung around the trailer all evening. Malcolm put the awning out far enough for shelter and set up the grill for dinner. Other than that, we’re just relaxing and Malcolm is getting ready for a couple weeks work at the office here in San Diego.

Our site

Our site

The campground here is pretty much all paved except for the trees at each corner and a strip of grass behind all the units. Though it isn’t lush and green, it is nicely cared for and in a good area near downtown and not far from Malcolm’s office. The motorhome to the left of us in the picture, above, belongs to a couple that Malcolm follows on Instagram. We knew they were going to be here and vice-versa. Of all the spots in this campground, to be put right next door to them was pretty ironic.


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