San Diego Work

Current Location: Mission Bay RV Resort, San Diego, California

Monday morning, we both got up early and headed out to go to Enterprise Rent-A-Car to get a car for Malcolm to drive to work. One of the flyers from the campground indicated that the local Toyota dealer would give us a 10% discount for staying at the campground here, so we ended up there picking up a small Prius C for less than the Enterprise rate.

Malcolm has been working in the San Diego office, where he had worked a couple summers ago when we came down the coast. Where the drive from El Cajon, where we stayed back in 2013, was about 50 minutes to an hour, the drive from Mission Bay to the office is typically only about 25 minutes. Much nicer drive.

Val did laundry today at the campground. For such a large campground they have very little in the way of laundry facilities. She managed to get most everything done, though.

Looking forward to the weekend when we’ll do some sightseeing and celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Malcolm has already gotten reservations at a top secret restaurant for Sunday evening.


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