The Neon Museum

Current Location: Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

Pretty much the main reason we stopped through Las Vegas on the way east is to visit the Neon Museum. The last time we were in Las Vegas, we missed visiting it and thought of it after we had moved on down the road. We thought we would give it a chance and stop by this time and we were not disappointed. It is an interesting and fascinating place to visit.

We arrived early for our tour which gave us time to peruse the gift shop. The museum is a non-profit entity that is working to preserve the heritage of the glittery neon and flashing light signs that are pretty much disappearing from the Las Vegas skyline. We drove on the strip on the way to and on the way back from the museum (during the day) and pretty much all the glitz and glamour on the newer part of the strip is now in the form of huge LED screens. It’s just not the same as in the heyday.

A tour guide led us on an hour tour through the signs, giving all kinds of stories and history on the signs and on the older casinos and hotels that used to line the downtown portion of Las Vegas. It was fascinating. They have several signs refurbished and located up and down the main drag through downtown. They also have a few signs refurbished and lit up at the museum for the night-time tours. We took the day time tour.

If you find this type of thing fascinating, the tour is well worth the drive if you are in the area.

Sign at the park across from the museum

Sign at the park across from the museum

Postcard from the kiosk in the gift shop

Postcard from the kiosk in the gift shop

Lots of old signs

Lots of old signs

Artsy shot

Artsy shot

Malcolm took his camera with him and got lots of pictures. We’ll have those up in our travel gallery later on.


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