Hoteling It

Current Location: Comfort Inn, Phoenix, Arizona

This morning we were up early since we knew we had to move the trailer from behind the RV parts place before 7:00 AM. We were actually out and about around 6:30 starting to get ready to move. Various employees from the buildings surrounding us were slowly trickling in which meant we might possibly be blocked in from leaving if we didn’t move soon. We unhooked power, hitched up and moved to the parking lot in front of the businesses. We lucked out and found one area that was striped as three parallel spaces that was just long enough for our rig.

We put out the bedroom and one living room slide and put Callie in the bedroom so we could eat breakfast at the restaurant in the shopping center. When we got done with breakfast, we did some work around the trailer. We were waiting for 9:00 to roll around so we could call the RV dealer to make sure we could bring our trailer down there.

Malcolm removed the EMS/surge protector from behind the breaker panel. We both disassembled our home theater/stereo system, labeling the speaker wires in the process. We left the Blu-Ray player hooked to the TV.

Electrical Work

Electrical Work

Malcolm also removed the stained glass window from the door so we can put it in the next rig. We replaced the window with one we bought from the RV place here. Malcolm also removed our fancy keyless entry door handle and replaced it with the original normal door handle that we somehow managed to save all these years.

Replacement Window

Replacement Window

After calling the RV dealer, we hit the road. Malcolm watched the wheels carefully on the 15 mile trip. We generally drove about 30 mph (the speed limit was 40) all the way there and had no problems. We checked in with the dealer and were told to park our rig next to one of their buildings. We had plenty of room to put out all the slides so we can work on the rig further and pack stuff up.

At the dealer

At the dealer

We headed into the dealership and Malcolm got them some paperwork that they needed – specifically a W2 and pay stub (both electronic, so he emailed them over and they printed them out). We brought Callie inside the dealership and she did really well in her carrier. The dealership fed us lunch and we generally sat around and waited.

Malcolm called a local hotel and found that they didn’t charge extra for pets (most hotels do) and that they had rooms available tonight and tomorrow night, but they are booked the rest of the week. We went ahead and reserved two nights and waited around until 3:00 check-in time before packing up and heading to the hotel. The dealership is aware that we won’t have a place to stay after Tuesday night, so they indicated they would prioritize our rig to have it ready by Wednesday.

Callie approves of our accomodations

Callie approves of our accommodations

After we settled in at the hotel, we called some new Heartland friends and arranged to meet them for dinner in Phoenix. We had a great time visiting with them at an Italian Restaurant.

Tomorrow we head over to the dealership to do some more packing up inside the trailer (and to make our presence known so they won’t forget us).


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