Moving Right Along

Current Location: Voyager RV Resort, Tucson, Arizona

This morning we got up early and Malcolm was out putting items back on the new rig that were removed from the old one. He installed the push-button RV door lock, the stained glass window in the door, the shelving racks we had up front to hold our golf bags, the tire pressure monitor system repeater (and sensors on the trailer wheels) and, of course, our Heartland Owners Club plate.

We were somewhat wasting time to extend our stay until checkout at the KOA (11:00 AM) because we had an hour drive down the road to Tucson where the check-in time is 3:00 PM, though they were accommodating for us arriving a bit early. We pulled in and were set up a little after 1:00.

When Malcolm went to hook up the sewer hose to the trailer and removed the cap on the sewer output, he was surprised by a small gush of water trying to pour out. He quickly replaced the cap and checked all the gate valves. This trailer has two black tanks and two gray tanks. Fortunately for Malcolm, it was one of the gray tank valves that was still open. Everything was closed and connections were successfully made.

We drove over to Camping World and picked up a few items we needed for the new trailer and dropped off a whole back seat and part of the pickup bed’s worth of items at Goodwill. Once back at the trailer, Malcolm installed the handle on the screen door and a non-slip grip on the bottom step outside. We had picked up a step rug to match two other ones we already had but got the wrong size. We’ll swap that out tomorrow.

For dinner, we wandered over to the restaurant here at the RV Resort. Dinner was pretty good. Afterwards, we shopped for postcards in the gift shop next to the restaurant.


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