Halfway Through Texas

Current Location: By the River RV Park and Campground, Kerrville, Texas

We packed up and headed out from Van Horn about 8:30 AM this morning. We would say it was a relatively quiet trip today, except that Callie would beg to disagree. We suspect all the recent changes (new rig, staying in hotels, etc.) the past couple weeks has thrown her out of whack. She eventually quiets down in the truck, but really raises the roof when we first get underway.

We called ahead to a couple campgrounds along the way because we were finding places full or nearly full. Fortunately, we found a place today as well as for Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll have to look while we are on the road tomorrow to find something around Houston.

This campground is nice and cozy. It sits near the Guadalupe River. It is across the street and over the hill behind the rigs parked across from us.

Our site looking toward the river

Our site looking toward the river

This afternoon’s dinner was packets cooked on the grill. Malcolm realized when he went to turn them over that the gas cylinder had run out (small green Coleman cylinder). We knew we had purchased two cylinders shortly before we traded rigs and could have sworn we had brought them with us but couldn’t find them anywhere. We put the food in the refrigerator and headed up the road to WalMart to get more gas cylinders.

Back at the trailer, we finished cooking and eating dinner. We headed out to get some dessert, then back to the trailer. While pulling down breakfast bars to pack in the bag we keep in the truck, we found the gas cylinders along with all the other outdoor kitchen gear that Malcolm finally remembered putting up on the very top shelf of the pantry. It has definitely been a long week or two. Looking forward to things settling down.


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