Visiting Friends in Louisiana

Current Location: Lafayette KOA, Scott, Louisiana

Mar. 31 to Apr. 1: Houston West RV Park, Katy, Texas

We typically blog each evening that we’ve moved to a new location. This may be one of the first times we’ve missed that habit. A lot of that had to do with getting things settled and organized in the new trailer.

On Tuesday, after landing in Katy, Texas, we headed out and did some shopping. We picked up a new Dometic 320 toilet (that we like a lot better than the Thetford toilets that are installed in the rig) to replace the one in the master bathroom. We also stopped by Costco and purchased a queen mattress like we had in our last trailer. Another stop at Home Depot to pick up a few hardware items, including cheap peel and stick tiles for the bed platform and it was back to the trailer for an afternoon of modifications.

Malcolm cut down the bed platform and stuck on the peel and stick tiles. We put the new queen mattress on the platform to let it relax and put the old king mattress on the truck to take to Goodwill. Turns out Goodwill (and pretty much anyone else) no longer wants to take mattresses. We stopped by and grabbed some dinner at a Tex-Mex restaurant and headed back to the trailer with the mattress in tow.

Malcolm tackled the toilet next and, when done, the connection to the toilet had a very slow leak. We suspect it was because Malcolm had to bend the connection over for the new toilet (had to do that in the old rig, too) which put stress on the fitting and caused it to drip. We solved that, at least temporarily, by turning off the outside water and using the pump when we needed water.

When we went to leave Katy, we had not only our two bikes to put somewhere in the trailer (we don’t have a rear bumper to mount our bike carrier to), but also a king size mattress and a big box with a toilet in it. We headed on to Scott, Louisiana on Wednesday morning, arriving mid-afternoon. When checking into the KOA here, Malcolm asked half-jokingly if anyone in the office needed a king size mattress. They said sure, bring it over, so we did. One less thing to tote around. Malcolm eventually got rid of the toilet and the box, as well.

Our spot in Scott

Our spot in Scott

Shortly after we unhitched here in Scott, we headed over to Home Depot and picked up what we needed to fix the plumbing issue with the new toilet. We now own a PEX cutter, crimper and clamps so we can make plumbing fixes or modifications as needed. Malcolm bought an inline cutoff valve, too, and plumbed it into the line to the new toilet. No more leak and we have a nice cutoff, as well.

Toilet hookup

Toilet hookup

We also picked up things like toilet paper holders, towel hoops, bathtub corner totes for shampoo bottles, etc., and several boxes of Command Strips. We’ve hung pictures, toilet paper holders, towel hoops, shelves and put up several other items that make a trailer a home. Malcolm put one Max Air fan cover on the roof of the trailer, over the half bath vent. The full bath vent is a different brand and the standard covers won’t work on it. We’ll have to figure that one out later.

Callie enjoying the view out the back window

Callie enjoying the view out the back window

Malcolm's assistants

Malcolm’s assistants

This afternoon we headed over to meet our friends Nick and Sheila and we all went out to dinner at Chili’s. We had a fun visit with them, heading to the book store after dinner and then back to their place so we could grab the truck and head back to the trailer. Tomorrow we make the long haul from here to Wetumpka, where we’ll be for about a week.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Friends in Louisiana

  1. You guys replied to a post I had over at “Heartland’s Forum.” It was about replacing the Norcold refrigerator with a residential one.

    You said that your husband was in the process of doing that in your rig (which at the time was a Big Country 3690SL) and I’m very interested to see if you did and how you like your change.

    Please e-mail me.

    Thanks so much and congratulations on your “New Rig” – it’s a beaut!

    • DeWayne, we did not make the switchover to the residental refrigerator. The jury is still out on the new rig’s refrigerator. 🙂 We are going to live with the Norcold for now.

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