Fixin’ to Set a Spell

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We made it back east today. We’ll be sitting here for a couple weeks (minus a long weekend next weekend). We headed out early this morning from Scott and traveled 440 miles to Alabama in about 9 hours. An hour of that was in almost stopped traffic backed up from a construction zone.

Our site

Our site

As soon as we backed into our site, Nathan the camp host rode over in his golf cart and told us to come on by his trailer when we got set up and have some dinner. A bunch of the folks in the campground had pitched in food and were sitting around eating when we pulled in. That’s what we love about this campground.

We got set up, had our dinner and visited for a bit, then plopped down in the trailer to relax. Our son David came up for the weekend to go to Easter services at church with us on Sunday. He will be camping in the trailer with us this weekend.

License plates today – 34 of 51. A pretty good sampling of plates from all over.

License plates

License plates


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