Weekend Over, Back to Work

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This morning, we hooked up in the rain and headed back to Wetumpka from Panama City Beach. We arrived, as you might guess, just as soon as the rain started falling again. Fortunately, it wasn’t too heavy. We got leveled and all hooked up just as the rain stopped falling. However, it has been falling off and on all evening. Also, the forecast calls for rain the rest of the week here.

After getting set up, Malcolm got pictures out and got back to scanning them. We’ll see if we can get through the whole big box of them that we’ve been working on. There may not be many more left after that. Also, we’ll be taking a lot of the already scanned ones up to Kentucky with us the first of next week to distribute to Malcolm’s brother and Val’s sister.

Besides scanning pictures, we cooked dinner on the grill (between bouts of rain) and decided to go ahead and get the week’s grocery shopping done. Malcolm is back to work in the morning here in the Alabama office, working the next four days.


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