North to Kentucky

Current Location: Levi Jackson State Park, London, Kentucky

We were up early this morning, before the alarm went off at 6:30 so we could start hooking up to make a fairly long trip (411 miles) up to Kentucky to visit Malcolm’s brother, David, and his family. We were hooked up and finished emptying the tanks at the dump station by about 7:30. We lost an hour moving from the Central to Eastern time zone and ended up arriving here in London right at 5:00.

Our site

Our site

The weather this morning was cool and humid, but fortunately all the rain had moved out. We only saw a little rain just before we got off the interstate in Kentucky. It sprinkled on us a bit as he unhitched the trailer and got things hooked up here. Malcolm found that there was no water when he was first hooking up, then noticed that our next door neighbor’s hose was not connected to their spigot, either. We were hoping we would have water to take showers, etc. Turns out they were just then driving around and turning on the water mains. Not sure if they had a problem or what, but at least we have city water now.

Malcolm’s brother came over to the trailer to take the tour and visit for a bit. We had already loaded all the boxes and totes of family stuff in the truck after setting up. We followed David over to their house and parked the truck and he drove us to Fazoli’s so we could eat dinner. Afterwards, we stopped by to see our niece, Jazzlyn, at her cello lesson. Afterwards, we headed back to their house and unloaded all the boxes from the truck into their garage. We visited for a while with them until it was bedtime, so we headed back to the trailer.

Chairs destined for Val's sister. The trailer is full of things for her and Malcolm's brother

Chairs destined for Val’s sister. The trailer is full of things for her and Malcolm’s brother


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