Work Week in Nashville

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

This week is a work week for Malcolm. He is working at the downtown office in Nashville. Val caught up on laundry this week and we’ve done a little shopping here and there. Typical “stopped for work” activities, especially in Nashville. We’ve done a small mod here and there, nothing much to write up. The only one we did that was worthwhile documenting is in the next post we will put up – adding a 110V outlet to our theater seat unit.

Last night we had dinner out at McNamara’s Irish Pub, one of our favorite places to eat here in Nashville. It is highly recommended if you like Irish food.

Val rode the shuttle into town today and joined Malcolm for lunch at the office. Downtown is a mess of traffic right now,  between construction and the ubiquitous commercial or movie filming and concerts blocking downtown streets. Malcolm has started using a different route into town for work now that is just as quick as the old route used to be and avoids all of the aforementioned hot spots.


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