West Coast Visit

Current Location: Washington State with Family

Tuesday morning we got up at the crack of dawn, tossed all our luggage into the rental car and drove to the Nashville airport. We left the car in a prearranged spot in short term parking per the rental car company’s instructions (private rental car company) and headed on into the airport to catch our flight.

We flew on Delta from Nashville to Salt Lake City on a smaller regional jet. It was a comfortable flight and we arrived on time. We had a really long layover in Salt Lake City – around five hours. We passed the time on computers, iPads or with crocheting. We hopped on our next flight on into Seattle. Elizabeth and the girls surprised us by waiting in the baggage pickup area. We got our luggage and headed on out.

Salt Lake City airport

Salt Lake City airport

Pa and the girls

Pa and the girls

We stopped for dinner at Taco Time, then stopped at the house to drop off luggage and grab some stuff for the pool. Violet had a 7:00 swim lesson, then we all had a free swim afterwards before heading back to the house for snacks and bedtime.

Swim lessons

Swim lessons

Scarlet practicing her photography skills

Scarlet practicing her photography skills

One of the reasons we are out here (other than to spoil visit the grandchildren) is for Malcolm to photograph Cole’s cousin’s wedding. We drove over to Steilacoom, Washington this morning to check out the wedding venue (the City Hall building).

The wedding venue

The wedding venue

Afterwards, we ate lunch at The Bair Bistro. The restaurant is located in the old Bair’s Drug and Hardware building. Bair’s opened around 1900 and gradually grew to include the post office. Now it is just a restaurant, but a lot of the old drug store and hardware store items are displayed around the room for all to enjoy. The original 1906 vintage soda fountain (foreground in picture) is still in use today.

Bair's Bistro and soda fountain

Bair’s Bistro and soda fountain

We headed from there over to Puyallup to the library and city park. Malcolm drove on down to the Washington State Fairgrounds to reserve our campsite for later this summer when we are out here. Since our visit overlaps the state fair, he managed to get a campsite all the way up until a eight days before we were going to leave the area.

The city of Auburn has a pretty nice campground that Malcolm had found on the Internet. He called them to try to reserve for the other eight days and could only reserve seven days (the day we leave the fairgrounds, the Auburn park is full). That left just Sunday, September 6th to find a place to park the trailer. We lucked out and found a spot for the night at the Seattle/Tacoma KOA, not far up the road.

The bride-to-be stopped by the house after dinner this evening and we discussed pictures and wedding coordination things with her. The wedding is this coming Saturday.

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