Trip Winding to a Close

Current Location: Washington State visiting family

Our time here in Washington is coming to a close (for now). Tomorrow we fly back east to Nashville.

Wednesday evening, we took care of the girls for a while so that Elizabeth and Cole could go to a church meeting. We took the girls down to Puyallup to get frozen yogurt, return some books to the library and to splash in the new splash park.

On Thursday morning, we went to Northwest Trek, a wildlife park near Puyallup. We rode the tram and saw lots of animals like caribou, moose, bison and other critters. Malcolm took pictures and will probably post them later on his photo website.

Thursday evening, we all went to Violet’s swim lesson. Afterwards, Malcolm, Cole and the children went swimming for a while.

This evening, we’ve been babysitting the girls while Elizabeth and Cole go out on a date. We took them to Trackside Pizza for dinner, stopped by a playground on the way home, then back out to DQ for frozen treats afterwards.

Ice Cream Time

Ice Cream Time

Pa and Violet

Pa and Violet

Scarlet and Nana

Scarlet and Nana


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