Back Home Again

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

This morning, Elizabeth drove us to the Seatac airport and dropped us off. Our flight left Seattle at 9:30 AM Pacific time. We went in to check in and had to go to the Alaska Airlines counter to complete everything. We had booked our flight out and back through Delta, but they put us on a flight from Seattle to Atlanta on Alaska, so that’s where we had to check in for both flights.

The flight to Atlanta was smooth going and we arrived 15 minutes early. However, there was another plane still boarding at our gate, so the extra time was lost sitting and waiting for that plane to pull out. We weren’t worried, as our (original) flight wasn’t supposed to leave for another two hours. We hadn’t even looked at our boarding passes for the Atlanta to Nashville flight until we noticed the flight board showed it as already boarding. Sure enough, it was almost 5:30 PM and our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:05 PM.

We headed down to the trams to go from the D concourse to the C concourse. We just missed the departing train as we got downstairs, so we decided to hoof it to the next concourse. Fortunately, they are fairly close together. We made our connecting flight which ended up leaving about 15 minutes late. That worked well, as our luggage managed to make the connection as well.

We took a cab from the Nashville airport back to the KOA and put our bags inside before heading over to the Opry Mills mall to grab something to eat for dinner. Back at the trailer, we unpacked and put things away or in the dirty clothes basket. Our cat, Callie, was glad to see us and was in the middle of everything we were doing.

Tomorrow is church and getting ready to travel. Monday morning, we head out to Texas to get our trailer and truck inspected and license plate for the trailer.


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