Texas Work Complete

Current Location: Rainbow’s End, Livingston, Texas

Yesterday we traveled from Hot Springs, Arkansas to our “home” location here in Livingston, Texas. The goal was to get a license plate for the trailer and to get both the truck and trailer inspected (not necessarily in that order).

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Since we were arriving before 5:00 PM in Livingston, we called ahead to make sure we had a campground spot (no problem) and to find out where to get our truck and trailer inspected. We were told to stop by a body shop on the north end of town. We called ahead and they said they would be open until 5:00, so stop on by.

We stopped by and they inspected the trailer for us. They indicated we would have to come back with the truck unhitched from the trailer to inspect it, so we headed on to the campground and got set up. It was about 4:30, so we ran back over to get the truck inspected and to have them correct the year indicated on our trailer inspection (it is a 2015, they put 2014). They corrected the trailer inspection but said they couldn’t do the truck until Wednesday (today), so we headed on to eat dinner.

We had dinner at Shrimp Boat Manny’s. They have delicious Cajun food and, as the name implies, a lot of seafood entrees. Malcolm had several Cajun selections, Val had the grilled fish. Yummy.

Today, Malcolm headed to get the truck inspected. The inspection person looked at our current truck registration sticker and said if they didn’t say we needed another inspection then we were good until next year. Malcolm then headed down to the tag office to find out what was needed for the trailer to get registered. He needed to take some paperwork back to the trailer, fill it out and return with it and Val. We headed back downtown and got the trailer tag with no problem.

Fully Licensed now

Fully Licensed now

After the trailer tag was done, we headed over to Joe’s Italian Grill for an excellent Italian lunch. We filled up the truck with fuel and headed back to the trailer. Malcolm took care of a couple maintenance items on the trailer. He found that a couple of the outdoor slide seals are already coming apart (and a couple were not secured, allowing them to slide). For now, Malcolm secured the sliding seals. We’ll look at having them replaced in the next couple weeks either at the rally or on our own.

Tomorrow morning, we’re heading out northbound. We’ll probably stop around Texarkana for the night.


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