On Our Way North

Current Location: Cave Country RV Campground, Cave City, Kentucky

Just another relatively quick travel day. We left Tom Sawyer park about 8:30 this morning and headed up I-40 towards Nashville. We got to Nashville right at lunch time and we both had to use the restroom. Rather than wait another half hour for the Kentucky border and welcome center, we pulled off the Briley Parkway in Nashville and stopped in a Lowe’s parking lot and took care of business and ate lunch.

While stopped, Malcolm ran to the nearby WalMart and picked up some new wiper blades. While clearing the windshield earlier in the day we noticed that one of our blades had come apart (fortunately the passenger side) and was only partially wiping the window. With new blades installed, we headed on out to get on I-65 north. There was a lot of traffic, but it kept flowing well. Southbound I-65 (in Tennessee) wasn’t running as smoothly. Lots of people heading south.

We got to the campground here around 2:30 PM and checked in. We were lead back to site #4 which is a pull-through long enough to leave the truck hooked up for a quicker getaway in the morning. This is a nice park, and we will be here again later this year for a Kentucky chapter rally of the Heartland Owners Club.

Our site

Our site

We hooked up the cable to the trailer, tuned in all the channels on the TV and watched the Belmont Stakes race. It was exciting to see another Triple Crown winner today.

In the morning, we head up to Cicero, Indiana (near Indianapolis) to visit family for a couple days.


2 thoughts on “On Our Way North

  1. Malcolm, we have the level-up system and were under the impression you had to unhook your truck from your 5th. wheel prior to leveling. How does that work?


    • We operate the jacks manually. We raise the front until it is level or until the pinbox just starts to rise off the hitch, then I run the left-hand jacks down until the trailer just starts to move, then the right-hand jacks the same. From there, I level it from left-to-right using the indicated level position on the Level-up control panel. I don’t try to level it automatically.

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