Family Visit

Current Location: White River Campground, Cicero, Indiana

Quick post for today since we have a severe thunderstorm on the way. We left Cave City pretty early – around 6:30 AM. We arrived here in Cicero a little after noon (Eastern Time) and got set up in our site. Once we had the air conditioner running, we headed out for a quick lunch at Arby’s then on to visit Malcolm’s Uncle David and Aunt Judy at their house. Malcolm’s cousin Karen and her daughter, Brooke, were there, too.

We all caravanned over to Nancy (Malcolm’s cousin) and Scott’s house, where we were celebrating their son’s (Luke) birthday. We had pizza and pie for dessert. Luke and his cousin Brooke played in the yard with water balloons and just water in general while the adults sat in the shade and talked.

After the party, we stopped by David and Judy’s house for a few minutes, then back to the trailer. We got the weather radio set up and are currently watching the weather to see what it will do.

We will be here all day tomorrow and plan on doing some morning grocery shopping, lunch out with family, then a little tour around the area to see what all has changed.


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