At the Rally

Current Location: Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana

We missed posting for a couple of days, but we arrived here in Goshen on Tuesday the 9th. We got set up in our site and someone brought our golf cart over that we rented for the rally. We are here for the North American Heartland Owners Club rally. We were last at this same rally here in 2013.

When we came in on Tuesday and checked in, we went over to have our truck and trailer weighed. We found out we were somewhat over weight for the trailer. About half of the overweight part was the water (fresh and waste) that we were carrying. The other half needs to be transferred somewhere else (into the truck, into storage or into the hands of Goodwill).

After setting up the rig, eating lunch and visiting for a few minutes, we took our laundry to a laundromat downtown and caught that up. Once we were back home, Malcolm started an effort to move his heavy tools from the front compartment of the trailer into the storage totes in the pickup bed. He also got rid of a bunch of “stuff” from those totes and consolidated a lot of items down into a smaller space.

Today we took some mail to the post office to get it sent out, dropped a small bag of stuff off at Goodwill (every pound counts), then headed up to Shipshewana (in the heart of Amish country). We went to the various stores at E & S Bulk Sales and picked up a few things. We headed across the street to a bakery to get some breakfast and dessert items, then headed to a restaurant to grab a late lunch.

We drove across to Elkhart and stopped by Dan’s Service Center and upgraded our trailer hitch. We were actually overloading our old hitch (rated at 16,000 lb.) so we upgraded to a new 20,000 lb. rated hitch. They took our old hitch in trade and gave us a fair price for it.

Once back at the trailer, Malcolm assembled and installed the new hitch (we just had them put it in the truck bed in the box so we wouldn’t have to wait around for them to install it). Once the hitch was installed, he removed the pinbox from the front of the trailer to install the MorRyde pinbox we bought from another club member here at the rally. We got it for half the new price. It should help smooth out our ride.

This evening we cruised around on our golf cart to visit folks, then sat outside our rig and chatted with people that wandered by.


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