Still at the Rally

Current Location: Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana

We’re still enjoying the rally. It’s fun visiting with friends we only see a couple times a year. The last several days have basically been spent on the fairgrounds or in town. One exception was Thursday when we all had the afternoon and evening free to do what we wanted. We headed up to Yoder’s Popcorn shop to pick up some more popcorn.

Since we arrived, we’ve had some service done to the trailer courtesy of the Heartland service team. They stopped by and replaced a faulty converter (charges the batteries and runs the 12V lighting) as well as some seals that were already torn or wearing out. The whole team did a great job of servicing a lot of rigs.

We picked up a couple items here at the rally, taking advantage of pricing specials and visiting vendors. We added a manually cranked reel for our power cord and built a shelf over it to store one of our totes. We also picked up some LED lights to replace a few of our non-LED lights in the trailer. We also took advantage of a special on aluminum tread steps to replace the plain metal steps leading up to the door of the trailer. They are much easier to fold up.

Both of us have been busy taking pictures for the rally. Malcolm loads them onto the computer, picks a few to represent activities that have been going on and uploads them to an album on the Heartland RVs Facebook page. We’ll post some up after this whirlwind trip is over.

Speaking of trips, Malcolm has been redirected to work in Houston after we leave here instead of Nashville. We’ll still stop in Nashville on Sunday evening. Malcolm’s co-worker is going to meet us and drop off a few packages we had sent to the office there. We’ll leave there Monday morning and head on down to Houston which is a two day trip. Malcolm will start working there on Wednesday of next week. We already have reservations ready down there. We’ll probably be there for two and a half weeks.


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