In Houston for a While

Current Location: Westlake RV Resort, Houston, Texas

Last Night: Sunrise RV Park, Texarkana, Arkansas

Yesterday we pulled a long haul (491 miles) from Nashville to Texarkana so that we wouldn’t have as far to go today. We traveled the rest of the way into Houston today (318 miles) and arrived at Westlake around 2:00 PM. We headed out soon after setting up and picked up a rental car and stopped by Home Depot for a few items.

Malcolm brought the rest of the new sound system in and hooked it all up this afternoon before and after dinner. It doesn’t exactly work correctly with the inexpensive home theater receiver that came with the rig, but it works OK for now.

We headed out to the grocery store after dinner and stocked up for the next couple weeks. Malcolm heads into the office in the morning and will be working here for about 2 1/2 weeks.


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