Working Week Wrap-Up

Current Location: Westlake RV Resort, Houston, Texas

We’ve been here several days now. Malcolm worked during the days at the office on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our location here a few miles west of the office is fairly convenient from a drive-time standpoint. The average trip to the office or back home is around 25-30 minutes.

We mentioned in a previous post that Malcolm had replaced the ceiling-mounted speakers from the trailer’s home theater system with ones from a Bose Acoustimass 6 system Malcolm purchased on Amazon. The remainder of that system was installed after we got here.

We quickly found out that the inexpensive home theater amplifier/DVD player that came with the trailer wasn’t quite up to the task of driving all the speakers correctly. On Thursday, Malcolm came home with a new low-profile Marantz home theater receiver. Like the Bose system, it was an outgoing model so he got a good price on it at Best Buy.

With all that out of the way, we found that the cabinet holding all the equipment tends to get pretty warm with the door closed. Malcolm picked up a variable speed computer fan with a USB connector and plugged it in up in the cabinet. The door is slightly propped open with a pencil for right now, though we plan to figure out a more elegant solution at some point.

We checked out the pool here at the campground and found it was really nice. It is heated (not sure if electrically or via the Texas sun). They also have a nice spa. The facilities here are really well-maintained and clean.

Saturday was shopping day. We stopped by a mall to look for a couple gifts and drop by the Apple Store to pick up a new power supply for Malcolm’s computer and a couple new cords to replace some older, fraying cords. We also went to IKEA and grabbed a couple items for the trailer. We also hit Costco and dropped some spring cleaning remnants off at Goodwill. Later in the evening, we went to Half Price Books to look over their used record collection and picked up a few records.

This morning we went to Christ Church PCA in Katy (our usual Houston-area church) and had Tex-Mex food for lunch. Right now we are relaxing in the trailer preparing for another week of work for Malcolm.


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