Happy Fourth

Current Location: Westlake RV Resort, Houston, Texas

It’s been almost a week since we posted. Malcolm worked Monday through Thursday of this past week and had Friday off. We spent Friday running errands, mailing packages and shopping for a few items.

Today we headed up to the Lake Conroe area to spend the day with our Heartland Owners Club friends Andy and Joanna Grimes. We visited in their trailer for a while then headed out to eat lunch at a nice little seafood restaurant. After that, we headed back to the campground and met up with George and Lucy. George is another Heartland owner.

We visited in George’s trailer for a while then headed out to have dinner at Fajita Jacks restaurant. The food was excellent and, considering the population of tourists in the area for the holiday, the wait wasn’t terrible. After dinner, we headed back to the campground, said our goodbyes and drove the hour or so drive back home to Houston, catching some of the various fireworks shows along the way as we drove.

Dinner with friends

Dinner with friends

Tomorrow is church. Monday, Malcolm goes back to work here for another week. We’ll be heading out of Houston next Saturday morning.


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