Another Day Another Few Miles

Current Location: Cajun RV Park, Biloxi, Mississippi

We had figured that the halfway point from Lake Charles, Louisiana and Wetumpka, Alabama was approximately the Gulfport/Biloxi area. With that in mind, and a short-ish drive ahead of us, we were looking forward to an early afternoon arrival. Construction backups on I-10 east of Hammond took care of that for us, adding more than an hour and a half to our drive. We got here around 4:00 PM.

Our site, complete with palm tree

Our site, complete with palm tree

Once set up, we wandered next door to Slap Ya Momma’s BBQ. It was pretty good food in an interesting atmosphere. Blues music was playing and the interior decor was an eclectic mix of old doors. Prices were reasonable and the service was top notch. For a bit of a hole in the wall, it was pretty good eatin’.

BBQ place

BBQ place

Tomorrow, we’ll head on into Wetumpka to raid some of our dwindling belongings from our storage unit. Then, it’s on to Kentucky.


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