In Alabama

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Back in our old stomping grounds for the evening here in Wetumpka. We headed out from Biloxi this morning around 9:00 after a quick walk on the beach across from the campground and a stop by the Shell station to grab breakfast snacks. Malcolm drove back over to the Shell station to fill up the truck before we hitched up and headed out.

Today’s drive didn’t entail construction, nor did we hit much in the way of traffic. We avoided rush hours in Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama, so the sailing was pretty smooth. We got here around 1:30 PM, set up the trailer and visited our neighbors here at the campground. They are the new camp hosts and new full-timers. They are still in the process of getting rid of stuff and selling the house, so they’re in a similar position as we were for a few months when we started.

After visiting with them, we headed to our storage unit to grab a few boxes of stuff to be delivered out west and grabbed what we believe is the last of the pictures we need to go through and scan. Woohoo! We had dinner in the trailer and later went to fill up the truck, grab some drinks and water bottles at Dollar General and finish off the evening with a treat at Dairy Queen.

Tomorrow we head up the road to probably around Chattanooga or Knoxville, then on to Lexington on Wendesday.


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