In Tennessee

Current Location: Racoon Valley Escapees RV Park, Heiskell, Tennessee

Today we got a lazy (i.e. later in the morning) start from Ft. Toulouse. Malcolm stopped at the dump and emptied all the tanks. Then we hit the road around 9:00 or after. We headed up the “back way” through Sylacauga and Talladega to pick up I-59 in Gadsden. From there, we headed into Chattanooga.

We weren’t quite sure where we wanted to stay for the evening, but finally settled on Racoon Valley RV Park here just north of Knoxville. We called ahead and made a reservation since we weren’t sure if we’d be in before the office closed at 5:30. It was a good thing we did, because we hit a big line of severe thunderstorms halfway between Chattanooga and Knoxville. We pulled off the side of the road under an overpass and sat for about 20 minutes waiting for the major winds to subside. Others joined us along the shoulder off and on, as well.

Waiting out the rain.

Waiting out the rain.

We ended up getting here around 6:00. We unhitched and cooked dinner on the grill. After dinner, Malcolm ran up the road to the Pilot station and filled up the truck. He also picked up some ice cream treats for dessert. The storms brought in some cooler temperatures – in the low 70’s – so we have had the windows open this evening with the fantastic fan pulling air through the trailer. Very nice.

Our spot

Our spot

Tomorrow we arrive at the Kentucky Horse Park campground for several nights (through Sunday morning). We will be visiting friends and family in the area and attending Breyerfest at the Horse Park on Friday and Saturday.


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