Enjoying the Kentucky Bluegrass

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

We made it to the Horse Park around 11:30 after a somewhat short drive today. We got set up and Malcolm took a weekly call for work at noon. He finished setting up things outside the trailer while listening to the call on earphones, then we loaded in the truck and ran into Georgetown for lunch and errands. Malcolm finished up his call over lunch.

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Our site

After lunch, we stopped by Great Clips so Malcolm could get his hair cut. Val stopped by Kroger to get some items on the grocery list while Malcolm waited to get his haircut. Afterwards, we stopped by the liquor store and found out that there is a shortage of bourbon at Buffalo Trace distillery, so we weren’t able to get any bourbon creme.

We stopped by a friend’s house to pick up a new Scentsy device, then stopped by to visit our nephew Jonathan at work. He is working at a shaved ice stand, so we both got a cold treat and chatted with him for a while. We headed on home from there and waited around until closer to dinner time then headed into Lexington. We browsed around Meijer for a bit, then headed across the street to the restaurant where we were meeting Val’s sister Anne and her crew for birthday dinners.

We had a great dinner and all headed back to the trailer to visit for a bit. We listened to a couple records and had a Facetime call with Violet and Scarlet. Anne and her crew headed on home and we relaxed the rest of the evening after sorting out some items to take out west and storing them away.

Tomorrow we’ll be running around Lexington.


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