Catching Up in Kentucky

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

OK, yes we were planning on being back in Nashville this evening, but let’s rewind to Thursday (since our last post was Wednesday).

On Thursday we drove around Lexington and visited some of our favorite places, and a couple new ones. We stopped by Failte Irish Shop for our Irish fix, along with some tea for Val and a latte for Malcolm. We went to a record store up near the UK campus and found a few oldies and a new (re-release) as well. We also stopped by the yarn shop and drove by Lexington Cemetery to visit Val’s mother’s grave site.

The one new record that Malcolm had purchased had a huge scratch on it from the factory, so he ended up driving back into town and exchanging it for another. If it was a cheap old record, we probably wouldn’t have bothered.

On Friday, we headed over to the Horse Park and visited the Breyerfest event. Breyer makes model horses and the event is a collector’s dream. Though we don’t collect plastic horse models, we do like to visit the Horse Park and visit with some of the “celebrity” and show horses there. It’s fun to walk around. Kentucky’s weather wasn’t the most cooperative, being in the 90’s and humid each day this weekend.

On Friday night, Val reminded Malcolm that he still hadn’t made reservations in Nashville for us, so he logged online to do that. Turns out we couldn’t get anything for Sunday evening. We did manage to get a spot in the Jellystone park near the KOA we usually stay in starting on Monday evening. So, Malcolm reserved our spot here at the Horse Park for another night while he was online.

On Friday evening we got a call from Val’s sister Anne who has a co-worker whose daughter recently lost a newborn infant after only a couple hours. The service was to be on Saturday morning and they were scrambling to find a photographer. Malcolm gratefully accepted, so we spent Saturday morning at the service and at the cemetery instead of heading to the Horse Park.

We did get over to the Horse Park mid-afternoon and spent a few hours, then went over to the (thankfully) air-conditioned Alltech Arena for a horse show. It was very nice. We parked close to the door because we got there really early and stood in line outside for nearly an hour. It wasn’t too bad and we got to visit with people in line next to us while we waited. When we got home Saturday evening, Malcolm had chills and a mild fever (99.8). He just went on to bed since there were no other symptoms.

He ended up getting up a couple hours later and found his temperature was 101.3. He took some Tylenol and ended up staying up until 3:30 AM. We got up this morning late (or at least Malcolm did). He took some more Tylenol, but the temperature was back down in the 99’s. We ended up over at the Horse Park for a few more hours, then back to the trailer.

Malcolm’s fever has stayed pretty high all afternoon and this evening, in the 101 to 102 range, despite taking Tylenol on a four hour basis. The only other symptom he has is some sinus pain way up inside his head. No discharge, so he’s been spraying saline spray up his nose in hopes to break it up. We’re hoping if he has to see a doctor, we can do that in Nashville Monday evening or Tuesday morning (which means driving from Lexington to Nashville). We’ll see how he feels in the morning.


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