In Nashville

Current Location: Jellystone Park, Nashville, Tennessee

We got up this morning and though Malcolm was moving a little slow and was still running a bit of a fever, we hitched up and headed south to Nashville. Fortunately it was only a four hour drive. Malcolm couldn’t have gone much further. Val did a lot of the outside setup with Malcolm’s direction to prevent him having to do much work.

After we got set up, Malcolm found a nearby urgent care clinic. We headed over there and, after the usual waiting around, we found that Malcolm has a bad sinus infection. They gave him a steroid shot and a couple prescriptions to take. He is supposed to get plenty of fluids and rest until the fever subsides. Hopefully that will be soon. Malcolm will probably work at home tomorrow as he feels like it then play it by ear after that.

Since we are at the Jellystone, which has smaller RV spots, we’ve decided not to rent a car for the time we are here, as we would have to park it far away from the trailer. We might rent one for a couple days and have the truck serviced before our next big trip out west.


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