Partway Through Montana

Current Location: Mountain Range RV Park, Columbus, Montana

No pictures today as we have spotty internet. We left pretty early this morning from Medora, traveling west on I-94 into Montana. We stopped at a truck stop around 10:00 Mountain Time so that Malcolm could take a phone call for work. We were there about 45 minutes before heading on down the road (after topping off the tank).

Malcolm’s Uncle David texted contact information for some relatives that Malcolm has in Absarokee, Montana. We’ve failed to try to visit with them the last two summers we’ve been through the area. As it turns out, the campground that Malcolm picked for today is in Columbus, Montana, which is only 14 miles from Absarokee.

When we stopped for lunch, Malcolm called his relatives and reminded them who he was. Unfortunately, they had their own family coming into town this afternoon and weren’t able to meet with us. We left our phone number and let them know that we’d be coming back through the area in mid- to late-September. We will get in touch with them in advance on the way back.

The campground here is nice. Right off the interstate. The weather is nice enough that we have windows open and power fans running this evening instead of the air conditioner. We drove up to Absarokee to look around, then back to Columbus. We walked down the street in Columbus as the weekly farmer’s market was going on. We didn’t find anything we needed. On the way back to the trailer, we stopped at a self-serve car wash and Malcolm washed the truck. It has been a couple months since it had a good bath.

Tomorrow we head on up to Deer Lodge, Montana.


One thought on “Partway Through Montana

  1. Bill’s ex and her husband lived in Absorkee MT from about 2002 to 2007 or thereabouts. Garry and Marty (Mahon). She worked at the bank and he still works at the Stillwater mine. She got a job at the hospital in Billing and they moved to the west end of town. We’ve been to Absorkee. It makes Rockford,AL look big. (Almost)

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