A Short Move

Current Location: Seattle-Tacoma KOA, Kent, Washington

This morning we slept in a little bit. We tidied up the trailer a bit, had some breakfast, then finished packing up the trailer inside and out in preparation to move. Since check-in time at the KOA was 1:00 and check-out time from the fairgrounds was the same, we decided to run a couple errands and eat lunch out to take up some more time. We ended up hooking up and pulling out of the fairgrounds campground around 12:30 PM.

We pulled into the KOA right at 1:00 on the nose. When we were checking in, Malcolm asked if they happened to have any of the longer back-in sites available. As it turned out, a reservation had been cancelled, so we scored a longer back-in site. We are just here for an overnight before we move to the Auburn city campground for a week. Then the plan is to be back here for another 9 days or so before we head east.

We got set up on our site, made sure the cat was comfortable, turned on an outside light and headed out for the evening. We visited with Cole’s family out at Fox Island for a few hours before heading back to the trailer for the evening. We get to do it all again tomorrow as we moved on down to Auburn.


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