Another Short Move

Current Location: Auburn City Campground, Auburn, Washington

This morning we slept in a bit since we were again in no big hurry to pack up and move. Checkout time at the KOA was 11:00 AM but check-in time here at the Auburn campground wasn’t until 2:00 PM. Malcolm talked to the KOA office and they indicated that we shouldn’t have a problem leaving at noon. We also figured with the Auburn checkout being 1:00 we could probably slip in there around that time and be OK.

We eventually got hungry for lunch around 11:30 and decided to go ahead and pack up and leave. Malcolm found a K-Mart a couple exits away with several restaurants around it. We figured we could park in K-Mart’s lot and walk to a restaurant for lunch. When we got there, the only convenient way to pull into K-Mart’s lot was to perform a U-turn. We drove around the block and found a shopping center/office complex that was almost completely empty and parked there. The restaurant was right across the street, so we could watch the rig.

Auburn Campground

Auburn Campground

After lunch, we sat in the truck for about 20 minutes to burn off some more time then headed on to Auburn. When we got here, our site was empty (as was most of the campground, for that matter), so we pulled on in and set up. Later in the afternoon, we headed out and shopped a couple thrift stores and filled the truck with fuel. We headed on up to Bellevue, Washington to meet some friends for dinner. We chatted with them for some time after dinner before heading back to the trailer late.


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