Hello, We’re Back

Current Location: Seattle-Tacoma KOA, Kent, Washington

Malcolm often says “We’re Back” when we revisit a campground, even if it is a year later. In this case, it’s only been eight days. The lady at the KOA desk recognized Malcolm after he mentioned that we’d been here several days ago for one night. We moved up here on Tuesday after taking our time in the morning and meeting Elizabeth and the girls for lunch at Casa Mia in downtown Puyallup for lunch.

Once back at the park around 12:30 PM, we pulled in the slides, unplugged the trailer, hooked it up and headed out. After dumping the tanks at the Auburn park, we were on the way for our 15 mile trip up highway 167. We got the trailer backed in here, hooked it up, let the cat out and headed out to visit with Elizabeth and the girls at the house as well as start our laundry in their washer and dryer.

We took our swim suits with us and met Cole and the girls at the Fife swimming pool. They both had their swim lessons, then we put on our suits and joined them for the free swim afterwards. We headed on home from the pool.

Malcolm worked until 10:00 this morning, then we headed over to Elizabeth’s to grab the last of the laundry. Since Elizabeth wasn’t feeling well, we helped entertain the girls. We headed to the grocery store and picked up some fixins for dinner. Malcolm made his stir fry for the family. The girls were sorta grumpy as they got up early and hadn’t eaten much all day. We decided to take leave a bit early and stopped for ice cream in Auburn before heading back to the trailer for the evening.


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