Slight Change of Plans

Current Location: Seattle-Tacoma KOA, Kent, Washington

On Wednesday, we didn’t do a whole lot. We finished up some laundry and visited with Elizabeth, Cole and the girls before heading out for the evening. We ended up down in Sumner eating ice cream treats before heading back to the trailer.

Thursday morning, we headed out early and stopped by Happy Donuts in Puyallup to pick up a box of donuts to take up to Elizabeth’s. Thursday was Violet’s first day of pre-kindergarten, so we went along to see her into her class after having our donuts for breakfast at the house. Malcolm headed back to the trailer to work for a while, then headed back over to the house after lunch.

On Friday morning, we were heading out fairly early again to see Scarlet off to her first day of pre-school. While Malcolm was taking things out to the truck, he noticed something amiss. It turns out that overnight someone had cut the cable that locked our two (fairly new) bicycles to the trailer and had stolen the bikes. Sadly, we hadn’t ever noted the serial numbers on the bikes, so there’s not much that can be done about it.

We went on over to the house and rode with Elizabeth and the girls to see Scarlet off to pre-school. Malcolm was dropped off back at the house to continue working for a while. Elizabeth, Val and Violet headed out to the grocery store. We ended up going out to lunch at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.

We also drove down the road to check out a campground that we might use next summer when we visit instead of the KOA. We’ve not been very impressed with the KOA here. At nearly $60 a night and located in a not-so-nice area, plus having our bikes stolen (the first theft of any kind in three years of full-time RV travel), we don’t plan on coming back to this campground.

We ended up leaving a little early on Friday evening and headed back to the trailer after stopping by the grocery store. On the way home, Malcolm mentioned that we could leave on Sunday from here and stop in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho for a few nights (he has to work all day Monday and Tuesday) instead of staying through Wednesday. Though we hate to leave early, we are really starting to feel a bit uncomfortable where we are. Plus, we will have an extra day on the road heading to North Carolina.

Malcolm walked down to the office this morning and told them we would like to leave Sunday instead of Wednesday. They didn’t have any problem refunding us three day’s worth of fees. When Malcolm walked out of the office, there happened to be a local police officer sitting in his cruiser apparently taking care of “paperwork”. Malcolm asked if it was worth reporting our bikes stolen if we didn’t have serial numbers. The officer suggested that without serial numbers, there was pretty much nothing they could do. We decided not to bother reporting the theft and just moving on tomorrow.

We headed out to run a couple errands and had lunch at a Mongolian Grill in Puyallup before heading up the road to Fox Island to visit with family. We stopped at the shopping center at the exit for Fox Island and Malcolm got his hair cut while Val did a little shopping. We visited out at the island until about 8:00 then said our goodbyes before heading back to the trailer to start packing stuff up to leave.


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