Temporarily Sidelined

Current Location: Vanderburgh 4-H Center, Evansville, Indiana

Today the thing you hope never happens happened. We were about 30 minutes from our destination in Owensboro, Kentucky and were traveling south on US-41 near Evansville, Indiana when a vehicle crossed our path. We ended up crashing into the van and pushing it off the side of the road. Fortunately, we are both fine, as is our cat Callie. Two of the six passengers in the van were taken to the hospital with (as far as we know) non-life threatening injuries.

The crash scene

Our truck pretty much looks totaled. The mount for our hitch actually ripped out of the bed and the trailer pushed the hitch forward into our gear stowed in the front of the bed. Correspondingly, the front of the trailer crashed into the back of the truck bed, pushing it in.

Trailer damage

We’re not sure on the trailer frame. Everything generally looks OK except for the hitch pin, which is bent at an angle.

Hitch bent

We called some good friends of ours, Lou and Bette DIck, that we’ve met through our RV’ing club and they happened to be in the area in their trailer. The campground, ironically, was just 1/4 mile up the same road where the crash occurred. They came down right away with their truck and their borrowed car to help us out.

Hooking up the rig to Lou’s truck

Once the crash scene was cleared and our truck towed off, Lou hooked up our trailer to his truck and towed it to the campground, dropping it in an empty site. We’ll have to go to the office tomorrow to let them know what is going on. After we got the trailer set up (it is, fortunately, habitable), we went to dinner with Lou and Bette. Afterwards, we came home and Malcolm started the claims process with our truck and trailer insurance companies.

Now only time will tell what comes next. We assume we will be truck shopping (Malcolm has already been looking). The trailer may just be a repair job. Not sure on it yet.


4 thoughts on “Temporarily Sidelined

  1. So sorry to hear about your wreck. Truck can be replaced but you can’t be. Looks like you were very lucky. Know how frustrating and time consuming the insurance process is-we totaled a car last year. Hope you will make it to Nashville. Judy

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  2. Hi there – been following you for awhile on IG and was so sorry to see the news about your wreck! So glad you were okay and how wonderful that you had friends nearby to help out. Was the minivan ticketed for pulling out right in front of you? That is always one of our concerns on travel days – cars just don’t seem to get how long it will take you to stop. So sorry this happened to you – fingers crossed the 5er is okay.

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