On the Road

Current Location: Hotel in Kentucky

Malcolm talked to the claims person for the trailer. He found out they had given him to the wrong office originally (thus the disconnected number). This claims person’s office is about 400 miles away up in Ohio. She doesn’t have any adjusters nearby and no recommended adjusters on her list within a reasonable distance. She asked if we could check around shops in the area to see if any do bodywork on RVs and she will go with their estimator.

Our friend Bette Dick called the RV dealer a couple miles up the road and left a message to call Val back. We ended up just driving up to the dealer on the way to lunch and talked to them personally. The estimator saw the wreck on his way home Monday and knew we had a Big Country. I described the front-end damage and he said it already sounds like he might declare it unrepairable, but he will look at it officially. As a matter of fact, instead of having us get it towed to the shop, he will come out to the campground and give it an initial assessment. We called insurance back and gave them the shop’s information.

After lunch, we packed up and headed out for our North Carolina trip. Our friends Lou and Bette are going to take care of our cat and trailer until we get back. When we get back we will schedule the estimator to come out and look over the rig. We are stopping on the way back from NC to look at one potential replacement candidate. More on that if it looks good.

It’s beginning to look like by the end of next week we’ll be packing up all our belongings into a U-Haul trailer or truck and leaving the trailer behind.


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