Back Home Again

Current Location: Vanderburgh 4-H Center, Evansville, Indiana

After leaving last week in the new truck without trailer, we drove to Durham, North Carolina for Malcolm’s aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary party. We stayed in the hotel with the rest of the family and had a great time visiting, playing cards, enjoying meals together and celebrating the anniversary at a party on Sunday afternoon.

We left on Monday morning and headed back towards Evansville. We made a stop in Ringgold, Georgia at an RV dealer there to look at a couple potential replacement trailers (under the assumption ours might be totaled). We were looking at smaller fifth wheel trailers but didn’t think we could get along with the smaller showers in the bathrooms. We thanked that dealer for their time (they were really nice and low pressure) and headed up the road a bit to spend the night west of Chattanooga.

While at the hotel in Chattanooga, Malcolm looked up some more trailers in a couple other (larger) floorplans we liked. He found one of the two in Nashville and the other in Clarksville, Indiana. Both were more or less on the way back to Evansville. We looked through the one in Nashville and liked it. The price could stand to come down some (and probably would have). It had the advantage of being in Nashville and right next door to the KOA where we are supposed to be going this Sunday.

While at the dealer in Nashville, State Farm called Malcolm to let him know that they are definitely declaring the truck a total loss. They gave him some information, verified the loss payee and payoff amounts with Ford Credit and got an address to send Malcolm some papers to sign (we had them send them to the Nashville office directly).

We ate lunch in Nashville then headed up the road to Clarksville, Indiana (across the river from Louisville, KY). On the way up I-65, we stopped briefly to visit with a few of the folks that have shown up for the Kentucky Chapter rally of the Heartland Owners Club. We were originally going to be there starting tomorrow, but obviously still have a lot of work to do here.

We stopped in Clarksville and looked all through the trailer there and chatted with the salesman. We really like the low pressure sales at this dealer. The salesman stayed until after closing to make sure we were comfortable with everything we saw, gave us his card and told us to call if we were interested in buying. We called him on the way home and told him we would be putting down a deposit on it tomorrow.

We are under no pressure to buy it right away, but if we can get a solid feel for the disposition of our trailer early enough in the day tomorrow, we can have the new trailer start getting ready for delivery by Saturday. That would generally work well with our schedule. We can bring it over here to Evansville, offload all our stuff from the current trailer to the new one and hopefully be on the road to Nashville as originally planned on Sunday.


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