Waiting Around

Current Location: Vanderburgh 4-H Center, Evansville, Indiana

Wednesday morning, Malcolm went over to the RV dealer to see if they would come over and look at our trailer for insurance purposes. They said they would come over in the afternoon. Malcolm also inquired about having a hitch installed in the truck. He got a written estimate and a date of next Thursday. After calling around various places as far away as Louisville, he was getting the same thing – one or two weeks out.

The adjusters came out in the afternoon to look at the trailer and take pictures. They agreed that the frame was bent and would probably not be repairable, at least at their shop. Repairs would involve removing parts of the frame and welding in new pieces, but they didn’t hold out hope that even that would work out. They were of the opinion that they would recommend the trailer be totalled. However, the insurance company may have more to say about it. We’ll see.

Wednesday evening, we found out that the Budweiser Clydesdales were going to be in Cave City, Kentucky, where we would be if we weren’t sidelined here in Evansville. Today we took a trip down there to see them, visit with folks at the rally there, then headed back to the trailer. Malcolm took a lot of pictures. Here are a few.

More pictures here: LINK


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