Weekend Getaway

Current Location: Vanderburgh 4-H Center, Evansville, Indiana

While we were waiting on everyone (insurance, bank, etc.) on Friday, Malcolm decided to celebrate Val’s birthday over the weekend with a little getaway from the trailer. We drove up to Brown County (Nashville), Indiana to do some leaf looking (the leaves are just starting to change up there) and a little shopping.

We drove up first thing in the morning on Saturday and spent the day in Nashville, eating lunch downtown and visiting the various shops around town. We left around dinner time and drove out to the country to eat dinner at The Farmhouse Cafe. The food was pretty good and the ambiance was nice.

Downtown Nashville, Indiana

Downtown Nashville, Indiana

Horse drawn carriage rides in Nashville, Indiana (we didn't ride)

Horse drawn carriage rides in Nashville, Indiana (we didn’t ride)

More downtown Nashville, Indiana

More downtown Nashville, Indiana

Farmhouse Cafe Restaurant

Farmhouse Cafe Restaurant

Cats at Farmhouse Cafe

Cats at Farmhouse Cafe

After dinner we headed up to Morgantown, Indiana to our lodging for the night – Acorn Ridge B&B. This is a fairly new venture for the owners and they’re doing a pretty good job of it. During breakfast, we and the other couple staying there for the weekend got to talk to the owners at length after a wonderful breakfast.

Once we finished breakfast, packed and said our goodbyes, we headed over to Edinburgh and walked around the outlet mall there for a while before heading back to Evansville and to get to work on packing up our trailer.

On Monday, we sat around and waited since banks were closed. Malcolm did solicit some insurance quotes for the new trailer and called the dealer to find out when we can possibly take delivery (pending financing, of course). If we can get a check to them on Wednesday, we can take delivery then. Otherwise, it will be Friday morning. We’re working towards a Wednesday afternoon pickup at this point, having already reserved a space at the KOA next door to the dealer for Wednesday and Thursday nights.

We purchased an inexpensive microwave to replace the expensive convection microwave we put in this rig so that we can put it in the new trailer. Fortunately, they are the same brand and the mounting was exactly the same, making the swap a little easier.

New microwave installed, convection microwave sitting on counter.

New microwave installed, convection microwave sitting on counter.

This morning we picked up a U-Haul van to start moving our stuff into. Malcolm is now waiting around for the Credit Union to call him back on the trailer financing. Val is moving boxes out to the U-Haul.


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