Getting Close

Current Location: Hotel in Clarksville, Indiana

After renting the U-Haul, we literally filled it with our stuff, with some left over. We put the rest into the front seat of the U-Haul and a couple seat’s worth and in the bed of the truck. Malcolm went back and forth with the Credit Union on the phone until mid-afternoon while they tried to figure out what they were loaning us (they were severely undervaluing the trailer, ignoring MSRP and what we were paying for it). We finally decided to head on out, closing up the trailer and unhooking all the electric, water, etc.

On the way to the hotel, we got word that everything was squared away and the original full amount was being approved. We stopped for dinner along the way and electronically signed all the paperwork for the credit union and they sent a check out that evening via overnight delivery. We headed on to the hotel. Malcolm caught up with some urgent work while Val relaxed (she packed about 90% of the trailer and hauled it out to the truck, so she greatly deserved some rest).

This morning, early, Malcolm headed back to Evansville to the RV dealer that had originally sent out the adjusters for the trailer. They were installing our hitch, as well. While they were doing that, Malcolm caught up on some more work in their lobby. He also arranged insurance for the new trailer (using a different carrier than the one covering the current trailer) and squared away notifying the credit union of proof of coverage.

Once the hitch was done, Malcolm drove over to the campground to get the trailer. While hitching it up, he got a call from the dealer for the new trailer indicating that the check from the credit union arrived and verifying we would be there first thing Friday morning for our walk-through and paper signing.

Malcolm carefully pulled the old trailer to the RV dealer (that installed the hitch and sent the adjusters) and dropped it off for them to store for us while we await word from insurance. The storage rate was dirt cheap ($30 for a month). With that squared away (and all last-minute items removed from the trailer and tossed into the truck), Malcolm headed back to the hotel in Clarksville. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and have been relaxing ever since.

Tomorrow will be a busy, tiring and hectic day. Fortunately, our hotel is literally across the street from the RV dealer. We’re going to leave the cat in the hotel room while we take care of trailer stuff. We’ve arranged for a late checkout (2:00 PM) so that Callie doesn’t have to spend much time cooped up in a carrier while we load stuff into the trailer. We hope to be in Nashville late afternoon or early evening.


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