On The Road Again

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

Today was a hectic, tiring but satisfying day. We got up early and hit the breakfast buffet at the hotel we were staying in. After breakfast, we grabbed a few items from the hotel room and walked across the street to the RV dealer. We got there right at opening time at 9:00 AM.

We were lead to their service area to do a pre-delivery inspection of our new trailer. It went well. We only found one loose screw that was promptly fixed. We asked if they would remove the standard king mattress before bringing the trailer outside so we could load it up and they did. We kept our queen mattress from our last rig rather than buying another one again.

Rig ready for inspection

Rig ready for inspection

We walked back to the hotel, grabbed the truck and the U-Haul and headed back over to find our trailer outside waiting for us to load it up. We carried everything into the trailer from the U-Haul and emptied it out in about an hour and a half. We closed up everything and took the U-Haul back to turn it in.

Ready to load

Ready to load

Done loading it up

Done loading it up

After returning the U-Haul, we headed back over to the hotel to load up everything from our room (including the cat) into the pickup truck. We went back over to the RV dealer (just across the street) and put a few things in the trailer then hitched up and pulled away. We ate lunch in the truck on the way out of Louisville heading south on I-65.

We arrived here in Nashville at the KOA just before 4:00 central time. We are here just in time for a Heartland Owners Club Tennessee Chapter Rally that was on our schedule. Plus, we’ll be staying through the next week so Malcolm can work in the downtown office here.

Parked at the KOA

Parked at the KOA

Everyone at the rally was pleased to see us get here after all we’ve been through the last three weeks. We’re glad to be here and back on the road again. Now the big effort begins – unloading all the boxes in the trailer and putting stuff away. We got pretty much all our clothes put away this evening and will work on kitchen and living room stuff over the next few days.


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