Heading On Down South

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Malcolm worked the last couple of days this week. We took our rental car back on Friday afternoon and spent the evening getting everything ready to travel.

This morning we left Nashville in between drizzles of rain and headed south to our old stomping grounds in Wetumpka, Alabama. We’ll be at Fort Toulouse for three nights, then heading on down towards Louisiana mid-week.

Once here, we ran some items over to the storage unit and picked up a couple things. We have more stuff we plan on running over to store there for a while. We’ve decided that since this area is somewhere we can pass through or stay often during the fall, winter and spring that we’ll continue to rent a storage unit to keep extra stuff in. Once David can move his stuff out, we’ll downsize to their smallest unit (5′ x 10′).

We also hung pictures around the rig and did a few other modifications. Malcolm installed the Dometic 320 toilet we picked up at Camping World on Friday. We also sold our portable ice maker to someone here at the campground. We were going to store it and decide what to do with it, but our neighbor indicated they were looking for one and hadn’t seen any around lately.

Tomorrow is church and some more work around the trailer. We’re almost done settling in and doing all those little modifications we like to do to each rig. Malcolm still has a couple bags full of little items to install.

Camped under the trees

Camped under the trees


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