On the Way to the Bayous

Current Location: Cajun RV Park, Biloxi, Mississippi

After a couple days in Wetumpka, we managed to get the trailer organized, most all of our “new trailer mods” complete and things taken to our storage unit. We also paid up the storage unit through next summer.

This morning we hooked up, dumped tanks and hit the road around 8:15 AM. We’re heading to New Iberia, Louisiana for a Heartland Owners Club chapter rally. We decided to take two days to get there and Biloxi, Mississippi is about halfway between. We’ve stayed at this campground a few times before, including when David was stationed at nearby Keesler AFB for training.

Malcolm and his new friend, the dolphin

Malcolm and his new friend, the dolphin

After getting set up, Malcolm took care of a couple remaining little touches to the trailer. Also, we went to the local beach shop to get a pool noodle. Malcolm conked his head on the bedroom slide while hooking up the water. The corners are covered to keep from poking holes in our heads on the slide.

We went out to dinner at a new Tex-Mex restaurant nearby then stopped by to top off the tank on the truck before heading back to the trailer to relax.

Today’s license plates – 19 of 51 found.

License plates

License plates


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