Down Near the Bayous

Current Location: Cajun RVera, New Iberia, Louisiana

This morning we hooked up early and left to head west to Louisiana. After we had been on the road a bit, Val noticed one of the tire pressure sensors (that we added to the truck and trailer) was showing low pressure on one of the inside dual rear wheels on the truck. We stopped at a rest area and Malcolm checked the pressure manually and found it to be about 10 psi low. He had some air still left in the air compressor tank and put in about 8 psi.

Before leaving the rest area we watched as a couple more pounds of air left the tire. It then became tire changing time. We unhitched the trailer and pulled the truck forward. Malcolm dropped the spare and put more air in it (it was low from the factory) using his 12V portable compressor. We got the tire changed and the leaky tire up in the spare position, hitched up the trailer and headed on to Louisiana without further incident.

Changing the tire.

Changing the tire.

We arrived at the Cajun RVera park around 2:00 pm and got set up near some of our Heartland friends (we are here for the Louisiana Chapter rally). We took the opportunity to finish spiffing up the inside, including a good vacuuming, for potential open house activity (everyone needs to see your new trailer, after all).

All set up

All set up

We spent the afternoon visiting others in the group before heading out to meet our friends Nick and Sheila for dinner at Mel’s Diner. It was a good dinner and we had a great time visiting for a couple hours before heading back to the trailer.

Mel's Diner sign

Mel’s Diner sign

Mel's Diner

Mel’s Diner

Today’s license plates – 25 of 51 found.

License Plates

License Plates


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