Back In Alabama

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Previous Location: Mazalea RV Park, Biloxi, Mississippi

Sorry we haven’t kept up the blog the last few days, but they’ve been busy days. Let’s break them down by day:

Thursday the 29th: On Thursday we drove down to New Iberia and visited the Konriko Rice Mill store and picked up a few items. They offered a tour of the plant, but we weren’t there at the right time for that. Plus, it was lunch time and we were getting hungry. We ate something on the way back to the trailer and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening visiting with folks that were showing up for the rally.

Friday the 30th: On Friday morning, the club had a pitch-in breakfast outside leaders’ trailer. Later in the day, a group of us got together and visited the Tabasco plant on Avery Island. We picked up several items at the store. We rode with Andy and Joanna, the chapter leaders. After the Tabasco visit, we stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut and also stopped by WalMart to pick up a few things. On Friday evening, the RV park hosted trick-or-treating for the children. Several of us sat out near the road and handed out candy.

Saturday the 31st: It rained all day Saturday. We drove out to Lowes to get a new kitchen faucet since the one that came with the trailer wasn’t working well. Malcolm had to run back out to get more plumbing supplies to finish the installation. Dinner on Saturday evening was sponsored by the club. There were door prizes given out and everyone had a great time. We headed back to the trailer to start packing up in case the weather was favorable to leave on Sunday.

Sunday the 1st: The weather looked favorable for heading on out towards Alabama. We planned on going as far as Biloxi again, which makes a nice halfway point. We stayed in the Mazalea RV Park along with friends John and Rana Krussow and Rana’s mother, Melba. They were out for a few days’ vacation before heading back to the Montgomery, Alabama area where they’ve been staying. Lou and Bette Dick were also in Biloxi, so the seven of us got together at one of the local casinos and had a buffet dinner and visited for a couple hours.

Today: This morning we got going early and headed on up to Wetumpka, arriving here about noon. We got the trailer set up, loaded the truck with a bunch of laundry and headed down to Montgomery. We had lunch at San Marcos, one of our favorites in town, then did laundry and stopped by Costco and Target before heading back to the trailer. We put away groceries and laundry, had dinner and Malcolm took on a project of looking into why the bedroom slide was not extending completely. He fixed that and we put everything back together.

Tomorrow we have dentist appointments and Callie has a vet appointment. The rest of the week we will be volunteering for Frontier Days – a re-enactment event they hold every year about this time. Should be a busy and tiring rest of the week.


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